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Our mission at Integrative Patient Advocacy is to empower, offer support, and advocate for you and your loved ones through the critical crossroads of a new diagnosis, serious illness, aging, and the mountain of information inherent to complex medical issues. We were never meant to face these crossroads alone.


  • RN, Certified MSN (Masters of Nursing)
  • Cancer Survivor
  • In favor of thinking creatively and advocating for minimally invasive treatments whenever possible
  • Empathetic to your journey
  • Serving the Greater Los Angeles area
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Vitamin D and COVID-19 Connection

There are very small pivots we can make in our health that can make all the difference in health outcomes. This should come as no surprise, and yet the principle floors me every time.

When I was diagnosed with melanoma at age 25, I was shocked that...

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Laura has a caring, professional attitude... I was extremely impressed with her

Former patient


  • Personalized advocacy and support for your individual needs, develop a “roadmap to health” together
  • Facilitate communication with and among your healthcare providers so everyone has the same information and goals, and create clear communication plan with family, if desired
  • Provide latest research and education pertaining to your specific diagnoses/condition and discuss in a clear way
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